The Pacific Rim Whale Festival is currently accepting portfolio submissions for the 2015 poster. Please email for details.


2014 Poster Artist 

Kelly Deakin Carter

2014 Poster

Biography from the Artist:

My name is Kelly Deakin Carter. I have been interested in drawing/art since I could hold a crayon. I spent hours creating cards, bookmarks and pictures of all sizes on anything I could obtain to create with.

I excelled at Art right here at Ucluelet Secondary School under a fantastic teacher, Judy McIntyre and carried on to take a commercial art program from Malaspina College.

I raised four children, have two stepchildren and six grandchildren and am now in full artist mode.

I am honoured to have had my art work chosen to represent the Pacific Rim Whales Festival in 2014.

I have always been into pencil drawing, dabbled in a bit of paint, tried my hand at photography and then discovered the art of burning onto fungus or better known artist conks. I am now hooked on pyrographic art. I use a razortip burner with interchangeable tips.

I burn anything from artist conks to plywood, burls, driftwood, paddles the list goes on. I am extremely passionate about creating custom pieces.

When the call to artists was put out for designing a piece for Whales Fest my first thought was painting, after all it was for a poster. Then I decided I best stay true to what I love and what I do best and that is to burn. I researched information on the migration of the grey whale and having had the opportunity to glimpse the occasional one myself, so I set out to create a design that signified their journey.

I never pre draw anything that I burn the original design submitted is the original piece. I am so excited for this opportunity to represent such a fantastic journey of nature and to support a long standing festival with such enormous meaning.  Nature is what inspires me, the luxury of living on the West Coast in a small piece of paradise offers so much natural inspiration, I am forever grateful.

You can view some of my work at Reflecting Spirit Gallery in both Ucluelet and Tofino or feel free to contact me at to arrange a viewing of my portfolio.  There may be a piece or two you can view up close and personal.

‘Sharing my passion with the World, one piece of art at a time.’ Kelly Deakin Carter



Want to purchase a poster?

Each year since 1999 the Pacific Rim Whale Festival Society has had the pleasure of featuring a local artist’s work through signature posters that are now considered by many as collector’s items!

Although not all years are available, many are! If you are interested in purchasing a PRWF limited edition poster, we suggest a standard minimum donation of $5/poster + shipping toward the Pacific Rim Whale Festival Society. We are happy to mail posters to your door. Please make arrangements by contacting the Festival Society. At this time we are unable to accept credit cards, so please be prepared to send cheque or money order to Pacific Rim Whale Festival Society (PO Box 955 Ucluelet, BC V0R 3A0).

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