“[The Pacific Rim Whale Festival] is a very community-minded event that celebrates culture, nature and families – nothing fussy, just fun.”

Robin Rivers, www.ourbigearth.com

"This may have been our last one as the kids grow up (about 6 for us now I think or maybe 5) but we’ll see. We have grown to love the festival and feel like we are coming home when we hit it.  LOVED the Blessing of the Boats! The Rainforest Walk with Carl was a highlight (he is almost as wired as your coordinator!) Loved the Jim Byrnes night at Black Rock..........wow!!"

Tim Matlock & family, from The Cariboo

“I had lots of fun volunteering with you guys! Keep up the good work. Also AWESOME tees. Never had a volunteer shirt I actually think is styling until now! Coming back next year!"

Festival Volunteer, 2009

"I had a blast this weekend. Enjoyed the art shows. But I’d have to say the whale watching boat trip was the best, a little cold, but still 10 out of 10! Wish I could stay longer, but oh well… Closing Ceremonies was cool - the dancers were great."

Festival Visitor, 2009