Calendar of Events

March 15 thru 21, 2021 was our first ever virtual Pacific Rim Whale Festival.  We thank you for your continued support and hope for an expanded festival in 2022.

Festival Calendar

You may notice the "Printable Calendar" button above.  This will bring up the most current version of the PRWF Event Calendar in a printable format.  Feel free to reference this for a list of confirmed events during the week.


Other Printable Materials

The "SIMRS Poster" button above will bring up the poster for SIMRS Whaley Fun At Home Learning activities in a printable format.  Please do check this out for details on how to contact SIMRS for your free education package.

The "Kid's Week" button above will bring up a full PDF of all the materials handed out for Maritime Kid's Week.  This will allow you to follow along online or print out specific pages for activities you would like to do.

The "Activities" button above will provide a copy of our Transport Canada activity booklet entitled "Boat Safety with Pukta".  Again, feel free to print whatever pages you would like to use.

The "Cruncher" button gets you a 1 page template for building a boating safety cruncher project for some old-fashioned fun.

Finally, the "GW ID Hunt" is your template for participating in the Grey Whale ID Hunt, available throughout the week on the Wild Pacific Trail.

Fancy a Whale Watch?

Here on the Pacific Rim, both Tofino and Ucluelet have many fantastic Whale Watching companies to choose from to get out on the water for a chance to witness the amazing show that Mother Nature puts on every single day. How lucky we are to have this in our own backyard!

Although there are multiple companies with multiple sailing times, it is a good idea to book in advance to ensure your spot on the ever-popular Whale Watching and Nature Cruises.

Please contact the Whale Watching companies well in advance to
claim your spot! 

The Pacific Rim Whale Festival is happy to have companies such as 
Remote Passages Marine Excursions and Subtidal Adventures as part of the festival's
Whale Watching gang. 

For contact information, go to our Events page to view the daily-featured tour companies' contact info!


Please be aware that travel is NOT recommended this year.

Should you wish to visit our communities in the future, once restrictions are reduced, we do have these maps to help you find your way around our towns (courtesy of Schramm Design):
Tofino Map or Ucluelet Map.

Please note that there are no in person gatherings for the 2021 Pacific Rim Whale Festival, so that we may adhere to current VIHA rules regarding events.