Uzume demonstration

We are so lucky to have these great performers joining us for the 2022 whale festival.


Where the Ocean Meets the Sky - Tofino/Ucluelet Choir

Thank you so much to the Tofino and Ucluelet choir for coming together virtually and putting together this beautiful rendition of Where the Ocean Meets the Sky for the Pacific Rim Whale Festival 2021.


Barclay Sound Herring Spawn - Andi Wardop

Each year in spring, the herring gather to spawn.  This can happen in many areas within the Tofino and Ucluelet areas.  Thru the magic of Andi Wardrop, we were able to capture some of the images from a recent spawn in Barclay Sound while sailing with Brian Congdon of Subtidal Adventures.


Celebrate Life on the Coast - 2010

Tofino, Ucluelet, and Pacific Rim National Park Reserve host the annual Whale Festival on Vancouver Island's incredible outer coast! This video, made for the 2010 Pacific Rim Whale Festival, shows footage from events throughout the Festival to give a sneak peek of the coastal culture that unravels every March to welcome whales, visitors and springtime alike to Canada's West Coast and the community spirit that makes it all happen!  Although our 2021 festival has no "in person" events, you can look forward to a full festival in future, once in person gatherings are approved once more.