Volunteer Opportunities

Button Greeters

This position is a chance to get involved at any “Button Event” during the festival. Floats, buttons and aprons are picked up, signed out and counted at a central location in town. Arrival time is about a half hour before an event, prior to start and guest arrival. At ‘button’ events, guests require buttons to get in. Please ask if patrons would like to ‘support the whale festival' by donating a suggested $5 ($2 minimum). Buttons are designed by local children and are a major fundraiser for the festival, which is a non-profit organization. Count and record your float clearly (time, date, amount start, amount end, name, event) at the end of your shift and either hand it off to the next button person or return it from where you picked it up (unless otherwise advised). Please stay after the event, while the crowd disperses, in case people want to purchase buttons.


Opportunities are pre-festival and during the festival. Decorations will be supplied and a group will meet to prepare a venue before an event or create decorations for a specific event (i.e., cutting out shapes, gluing it together – anything goes!). All levels of artistic abilities are welcome! Be sure of the time, date and location of the decorating extravaganza.

Set up/Tear Down

Lots of help is needed usually an hour before and after an event happens. Before the event, entrance tables (with tickets, merchandise, buttons, etc.) have to be set up, chairs & tables need to be moved/arranged, signs placed, snacks made.  After, everything must be reversed and packed away. If you are committing to an event, please consider being available before and after to cut everyone’s workload. Longer shifts are needed to prepare for bigger events (i.e. Kids Days). All hands on deck!

Merchandise Committee

A reliable and committed team is needed in each town for keeping inventory, taking payments & orders, balancing cash boxes, transporting and setting up displays, and sales. Individuals who are honest and communicate well would be a great fit for this team!

Signage Committee

Volunteers are needed to pick up signage (usually sandwich boards) from one location, change the ‘event type’ sign and bring them to the next event. Access to a vehicle is helpful but not always necessary.

Doors & Concessions/Theatre Events & Movie Nights

There are lots of opportunities to take tickets at the door, greet guests or work the concessions. Volunteers should be well organized and keep track of the number of guests entering an event, as well as the amounts of floats.

Maritime Kids Days

These venues take a lot of helping hands to decorate and a fair amount of set up is needed a few hours before. Volunteers will also be needed for the entrance and snack tables as well as the activity booths. We will post information on which booths (whale ID, art projects, reading corner etc) need help as this information comes in.


Volunteers at these events may be button greeters, participants or might man information booths – depending on the event.


Come one, come all! As many volunteers as possible are needed proudly wearing our V-Shirts, costumes and smiles! Meet at the Wickaninnish Community School a half hour before the parade starts and join in!

Beach Clean-up & Tug-O-Whale

We would like to have one million volunteers at each of these events, please!

Volunteer Appreciation & Thank-You Events

Are for you! Please wear your V-Shirt for free admission to these events. Don’t forget to bring your hungry tummy and your dancing shoes!

Other Events

i.e., Surfrider Beach Clean-Up, Sea Creature Cookie Creator, Spout Off. These events will all have a mixed bag of tasks to be done. Some of these might involve getting your hands dirty, helping children with art projects and learning, schlepping chairs, greeting participants or participating (just to name a few)!

And more!

Introduce a speaker, welcome the crowd, play a tune before an event begins, host or drive our out-of-town presenters to and from their event, paint faces at children’s events, bartend, take photos, etc.!

At all events:
Please wear your volunteer shirt and nametag.